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In our previous articles we wrote about the Flexcontrol technology which improved Titan tires in terms of several parameters at once. We want consumers to make certain of it as soon as possible, that is why, since November, to our standard warranty we have added unconditional warranty for 2 years for the agricultural Titan Tires, if they are bought since November 1, 2019, till December 31, 2019! So from 7 years of general warranty the first two years are the years of unconditional warranty for such tires.

What does it mean?

Within 2 years from the date of purchase of the agricultural Titan tires, JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’ repairs them for free if they have any unintentional damages, and in case if it is impossible to repair them, these tires are replaced with the new ones. The terms of service differ depending on the tire model. Unconditional warranty is valid even only one tire is purchased.

What is the difference between unconditional and general warranties?

General warranty is to repair or replace the tire if it is stated that the tire has a manufacturing defect which is the reason of the tire damage. Unconditional warranty is to repair or replace the tire with any unintended damages. It is a type of extended warranty, an extra bonus when consumers are choosing goods.

What are the terms of the unconditional warranty program for the tires purchased from November, 2019 till December 31, 2019?

  • Brand: Titan
  • Products: All agricultural tires manufactured under the Flexcontrol technology
  • Damages: Unintended: punctures, cuttings, blowouts and sidewall blisters
  • Period of validity from the date of purchase at authorized dealers-warranty participants: 2 years
  • Repair and replacement with the similar model: Free
  • Tire mounting while repairing/replacement under the warranty: Free

How to activate unconditional warranty?

A consumer has to register the purchase and activate the warranty service on the phone 8 (8443) 240-444 within 30 days, in order to have an opportunity to make use of the services of repair or replacement of damaged tires under unconditional warranty.

Authorized dealers will be able to identify the consumer and his/her right to make use of the service checking the data indicated while activating the warranty. After confirmation of information on the purchase they sent a warranty card to the consumer’s e-mail address.

You can find information on activation on our website

JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’ makes all efforts to provide our consumers with reliable high quality products. Start of the program of unconditional warranty shows our serious attitude to client’s choice, lets customers practically make certain that they have made a right decision.