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Last year, at ‘Motovesna’, the exhibition of machines for outside activities, JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’ presented its newly-designed product – VOLTYRE CROSSTOUR tires for quadricylces.

The Russian company ‘Velomotors’, specializing in production of bikes and two-wheeled motor vehicles of new generation, had asked us to develop this type of tires. The Design and Engineering Department of JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’ developed 6 typical sizes of ATV tires with the diameter 12”, which passed the tests successfully at the plant and in Saint-Petersburg.

Later on, in Yaroslavl we got a quality certification for these products. And JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’ became the first manufacturer of ATV tires in Russia.

During one year of production the tires were tested in different natural conditions and at sporting competitions, we controlled their parameters and improved them according to specific requirements of consumers.

At the present moment our tires are bought not only in Russia, but also in the near-abroad countries, for example, in Belarus. Their price is lower than the price of their analogues from China or Taiwan, and their haulage capacity is even higher.

This year we signed up a new order, this time from JSC ‘Russkaya Mechanika’ – the Russian company which manufactures snow-going vehicles and all-terrain vehicles – for production of ATV tires with the diameter 14”.

Our design engineers have developed 2 new typical sizes:

TITAN brand
• AT 26x8-14 TITAN 689 S/T tubeless 52L
• AT 26x8-14 VOLTYRE CROSSTOUR М/Т МО-22 tubeless 52L
• AT 26x10-14 TITAN 689 S/T tubeless 52L
• AT 26x10-14 VOLTYRE CROSSTOUR М/Т МО-22 tubeless 52L

The tires passed the tests at the plant and were supplied to the customer for fiurther performance tests.

This spring JSC ‘Voltyre-Prom’ is planning to test all the typical sizes of ATV rtires manufactuerd at the plant in extreme conditions, on different surfaces, engaging proffessional sportsmen. Such analysis is important because these tires bear unusual loads, whe are not typical for industrial or agricultural tires.